"Silhouette Stages’ productions are top-notch, and “She Loves Me” is no exception.  The talented cast with their amazing voices, slick choreography and some brisk pacing of the musical numbers would be the envy of many professional groups." - MD Theatre Guide


Amalia Balash: Kelly Rardon
George Nowack: Brad Davis
Ilona Ritter: Angelica Peaco
Steven Kodaly: Kevin James Logan
Mr. Maraczek: Matt Scheer
Ladislav Sipos: Michael Tan
Arpad Lazlo: Justin Diaz
Headwaiter/Caroler: Christopher Kabara
Busboy/Caroler: Logan Snyder
Busboy/Caroler/Customer: Maggie Mellott
Mr. Keller/Male Ensemble: Robert Certain
Customer 2: Sara Kalafos
Customer 3/Caroler: Ande Kolp
Female Ensemble: Dana Bonistalli
Female Ensemble: Twila Marie


Director / Choreographer: Stephen Foreman
Musical Director: Andrew Zile
Co-Choreographer: Nick Carter
Stage Manager: Emily Daubenmire Zile
Asst. Stage Manager: Chris Weaver
Set Design: Stephen Foreman
Lighting Design: Atticus Cooper Boidy & Maggie Urban
Sound Design: Ben Kinder
Costume Coordinator: Deana Cruz-Conner
Wig Design: Tommy Malek
Props Master: Ande Kolp

Technical Director: Alex Porter
Artistic Director: TJ Lukacsina
Producer: Jeremy Goldman