Hosted by

Matt Wetzel


Featuring Special Performances (new and/or archival) by

Robyn Bloom

Lucy Bobbin

Jamar Brown

Katelyn Clay & Alex Peças

Samantha McEwen Deininger

Justin Diaz

Mo Dutterer

Jeremy Goldman

Robert Gudauskas

Cathy Mundy

Vince Musgrave & Santina Maiolatesi

Matt Wetzel

Taylor J. Washington

Andrew Worthington

Samantha Yakaitis

...and many more!


Production Team

Director/Production Editor:  Tommy Malek

Producer/Artistic Director:  TJ Lukacsina

Music Director:  Rachel Sandler

Asst. Music Director:  Paige Rammelkamp

Archival Videography by:  Ron Israel

Archival Production Stills by:  DeLinde Photography, John Cholod Photography, Scott Kramer, Bruce F. Press Photography, Mort Shuman Photography, Stasia Steuart Photography, Steve Teller, and Russell Wooldridge


This event is funded in part by donations from The Pandemic Players and the Howard County Arts Council. We thank them for their generous support to our organization, especially during this difficult time for the arts.